Stenhus Kostskole was founded in 1906 by the educationalist H.E.Hass. He started his school with 9 students, and 7 of them were boarders.

The basic principles of the school were religious devotion, modesty and respect for truth and justice.
His ideas won acceptance. When he passed on the school to Svend Larsen in 1930, it had 153 pupils from form to upper secondary level.

Stenhus became an independent institution and former students started a support foundation called the Stenhus Foundation. With a present from Sven Larsen and his wife and collection among former students, the foundation received 600.000 kroner.

In 1972 Alfred Jacobsen (a Danish American) donated 200.000 dollars to the Foundation and a rebuilding an extension of the school became possible later on.


Welcome to Stenhus Kostskole

As headmaster of Stenhus, it is very important to me that we focus on the proces of forming and personal developing as well as on education when we deal with the necessary basic education.

Our pupils will alwayes need personaldevelopment and one can alwayes discuss what the contents should be. In my opinion a combination of language an mathematic competences is of great importance.

We also focus on promoting an community awareness. When our students grow up and develop into young adults, globalization requires that they are able to orient themselves and skilfully operate in a big and complex world; and at the sane time must beactive democratic citizens of our contry.

I think that, during 111 years Stenhus Kostskole has existed, we have been and still are good at preparing our pupils to cope with all this.

We will do our utmost to prepare the students from Stenhus to become as competent and cooperative as possible.

Knud e. Schack Madsen


Stenhus Kostskole (Boarding School) and Stenhus Gymnasium & HF