Stenhus Kostskole is committed to promoting a high academic and educational level. We also aim at preserving the connection between day school and boarding school.



At Stenhus Kostskole we are concerned with the intellectual and personal development of our pupils. Our objective is to provide each student with a solid foundation of knowledge, and also to enhance the development of values such as responsibility, consequence, mutual respect, openness and joy.


At our school we want to provide a safe and secure environment which is cosy and first of all humane. Here every pupil will have the possibility of taking responsibility for her/his life and develop into mature young adults.


Rules and standards of behaviour

Stenhus Kostskole is based on the principle of freedom under responsibility and mutual respect among pupils, teachers and parents. We emphasize good co-operation with parents and the well being of the students.


Specific rules:

.- Bullying is not tolerated.

– We do not accept visible piercings

– Students must dress properly.

– Mobiles must be turned off during lessons, tests and exams.